Function of anal sphincter

The anus from Latin anus meaning "ring", "circle" is an opening at the opposite end of an animal's digestive tract from the mouth. Its function is to control the expulsion of feces , the residual semi-solid waste that remains after food digestion, which, depending on the type of animal, includes: matter which the animal cannot digest, such as bones ; [1] food material after the nutrients have been extracted, for example cellulose or lignin ; ingested matter which would be toxic if it remained in the digestive tract; and dead or excess gut bacteria and other endosymbionts. Amphibians, reptiles, and birds use the same orifice known as the cloaca for excreting liquid and solid wastes, for copulation and egg -laying. Monotreme mammals also have a cloaca, which is thought to be a feature inherited from the earliest amniotes via the therapsids. Marsupials have a single orifice for excreting both solids and liquids and, in females, a separate vagina for reproduction. Female placental mammals have completely separate orifices for defecation , urination , and reproduction; males have one opening for defecation and another for both urination and reproduction , although the channels flowing to that orifice are almost completely separate.
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All About All of the Sphincters in Your Body

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All About All of the Sphincters in Your Body

Domesticated dogs don't really need them, but they have anal glands, or anal sacs, located between the internal and external sphincter muscles. The anal glands secrete oily fluid onto the feces when they pass a bowel movement, a function of predatory animal communication. Some dogs are prone to oily, thick fluid with a distinct unpleasant odor. Anal gland problems occur in male and female dogs of any age; they can affect any breed, but small dogs and certain breeds have a higher occurrence. Anal gland problems seldom occur in large-breed dogs.
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Anal sphincter structure and function in homosexual males engaging in anoreceptive intercourse

During swallowing, the epiglottis tilts backwards to prevent food from going down the larynx and lungs. The wall of the esophagus from the lumen outwards consists of mucosa , submucosa connective tissue , layers of muscle fibers between layers of fibrous tissue , and an outer layer of connective tissue. The mucosa is a stratified squamous epithelium of around three layers of squamous cells, which contrasts to the single layer of columnar cells of the stomach. The transition between these two types of epithelium is visible as a zig-zag line.
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Sphincter muscle , any of the ringlike muscles surrounding and able to contract or close a bodily passage or opening. One of the most important human sphincter muscles is the sphincter pylori , a thickening of the middle layer of stomach muscle around the pylorus opening into the small intestine that holds food in the stomach until it is thoroughly mixed with gastric juices. Other sphincters are involved in excretion of waste: the sphincter ani externus keeps the anal opening closed by its normal contraction, and the sphincter urethrae is the most important voluntary control of urination. There is also a sphincter in the eye, the sphincter pupillae, a ring of fibres in the iris that contracts the pupil in the presence of bright light. Compare dilator muscle.
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